Online Marketing and the Web 2.0

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Theories about the impact of the Web 2.0 on the advertising industry are all over the marketing blogs lately.

The Web 2.0 is the latest state that the evolution of the internet has turned into. The web has mutated from a static collection of information into a dynamic hub of millions of users collaborating and contributing to the collective knowledge of humankind.

What does this mean? Well, that the rules on marketing will definitely change. People are interacting with THE KNOWLEDGE out there; we can change it, improve it, add to it, discuss it, link it, etc. The days where big corporations shoved information into our brains are close to an end.

Why? Because everything is on the web today; and everyone has something to say about it. No sole individual or unique entity will control the information or “the truth” (like what happens to most privately owned Media); every single person connected to the web can start a revolution of thoughts or movement.

“One Blog created every second…” was one of the headlines on BBC almost two years ago. Imagine how quick the internet is growing; more users are not only logging in but are interacting and generating their own opinions as well. Look at Wikipedia, “the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit”. Think about how people are collectively changing the meaning of words as we evolve as a society. It’s like Napoleon said; “the truth is merely what people agree on”. Another example, YouTube; people are not limited to use words only, now people can create their own videos and broadcast them for free to everyone. I have found some videos that were much more interesting to me than most commercials or shows I have seen on TV. Google is perhaps the clearest case study on how people contribute to the rankings of the search results just by clicking and linking (which it is what SEOs think Google uses to estimate their PR ranking).

The truth is that finally, thanks to the web, the control of free information available to us belongs to us. We welcome you to become part of this movement called web 2.0; share and collaborate. Post your opinions, exercise your freedom of speech. Create.

As a marketer (although my job just became a little more complicated) I cannot be more excited now that people will dictate what’s relevant, true or interesting. Actually, it has always been that way, but big executives and agencies resisted just delivering what people want. They have always tried to impose their messages to the masses. In the days to come, we know it will be the other way around. The consumers will be the winners because now businesses will have to pay attention to what we share, create and contribute online. They will have to keep up with the Web 2.0.


Gean Biffulco

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