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Is your website pandemic-ready for a more productive 2021?

The long-term effects of the covid-19 economic crisis and its impact on consumer behavior driven by lockdowns, curfews and widespread fear, are yet to be felt before all the dust settles in.

It may still be a while before we can begin to accurately predict consumption again.

On top of that, we need to acknowledge that many of the trends that were anticipated to become mainstream within a few years have all accelerated in just a few months and became the norm. We are living in a new reality and this is not going to reverse.

So, the question for your business operation is, are you still there? Have you survived 2020? Have you made necessary changes ahead of your competition?

Lack of mobility means people are relying more on internet search and social media to get answers and fulfill their needs. People are also spending more time online than usual as the options for entertainment are limited.

Hoping to provide some orientation to small business owners, we have put together a quick list of must-dos for your website. Let us make sure you are leveraging your most important marketing asset before looking into business loans or heavy business investments. Let us cover the basics.

Pandemic Proof Your Website

  1. Make sure your address, phone numbers and hours of operation have been properly updated on your website but also on your Google local business listing (made sure you have claimed it as well).
  2. Do you have contact forms on your website? Have you made sure they are working properly, and the form notifications are not going into your spam? Only 1 out of 10 people will reach out in other ways to let you know they are not getting through.
  3. Do you have an important message about how you are serving your customers that should be on your homepage or a pop up (also known as an overlay) as soon as a new visitor comes to your site?
  4. If you have closed your business temporarily are you collecting emails from your visitors so you can email them once your business reopens?
  5. Make sure your domain name (.com) and hosting are under your control and paid in advance, so you do not lose your website. Speak to your webmaster to make sure you are protected.
  6. Have you added an ecommerce component to take online payments or online orders? This may be the most critical update for business continuity and also to improve cashflow.

Social Media Lock Down

  1. If you are taking advantage of social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, make sure they are up to date. If you have links on your website to these platforms, make sure they are working.
  2. Update your account descriptions to include important links, phone numbers or just a generic message to alert your followers of what is going on with your business.
  3. Make sure your latest posts include important updates about your new operating hours, special promotions or simply try to answer any questions your current customers or prospects would ask.
  4. Have you asked your friends, family, vendors and loyal customers to follow you on social media and share your profile? This may be the most valuable single act of solidarity that any member of your network can provide during these times.

Remember: Your website may have just become the most important marketing tool you have during COVID-19 times. Make sure you are leveraging everything you have in your power to keep customers and acquire new ones.

Times may be a little rough, but everyone is suffering, including your competitors. This means opportunity if you know what to do and you are ready to act fast.

Make sure to check back for more or if you have any specific questions just  contact us using our contact form.



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