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Proven Process. Real Results.

Have you just received your Salesforce licenses and you aren’t sure where to start? Or do you simply wish to optimize your current Salesforce usage and improve user adoption? Either way, Salesforce Jedis can help you get more out of your software investment.

Our Process

Discovery – We work with you to understand your business goals, organizational structure, and current Salesforce implementation. We’ll help you build and refine your sales process so that it can be implemented in Salesforce.

Configuration – Based upon your goals and desired usage, we will customize Salesforce to suit your sales methodology.

Development – Once the system is configured we’ll complete any Salesforce development necessary to support your process.

Migration – We’ll move your old data from your legacy system into Salesforce, so your team can begin using it right away.

Deployment – After migrating your old data into your new system, we’ll verify the integrity of your information – then deploy the system to production.

Report Creation – We’ll generate reports to provide insight into the data that Salesforce houses for you, increasing sales pipeline visibility.

Training – You provide the staff, and we’ll provide our Sales Cloud training expertise. We can work with your employees – instructing them to utilize the Sales Cloud-based upon your processes and expectations. We’ll bring your staff up to speed so you can get up and running quickly.

Salesforce Implementation

Our team of experts will work within your organization to customize Salesforce for your business, migrate your data, and train your users. We’ll ensure that your Salesforce implementation complies with your current business processes, delivering a CRM system that fully automates your front office – from marketing to sales, to support. We’ve created a consistent process that provides an agile Salesforce implementation, helping our clients get the most out of their Salesforce investment.

Innovation doesn’t end with implementation. Your key to Salesforce success lies in continuing to enhance the system, improving user adoption, and taking full advantage of updates. Salesforce Jedis help clients by providing ongoing support – including assistance with configuration, development, and training. We work hard to foster long-term, meaningful partnerships with our clients, and we’re the team you can count on whenever changes or enhancements are needed. We’ll be here to work with you over the long-term as a partner who understands your business and knows your system. Regardless of where you are today on your Salesforce journey, Salesforce Jedis are here to help!



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