Sales & Marketing Management: Manage leads with cloud integration.

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With Salesforce Marketing Automation, marketing and sales work hand in hand to manage every interaction with your prospects – so you can create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns from a single centralized platform.

Generate Better Leads

Save time with Salesforce by identifying and focusing on the most qualified prospects. Powerful marketing tools make it easy to fill your sales funnel with quality leads, generate forms and landing pages, and run targeted email campaigns.

Boost Engagement

Deliver the right message, right on time. Speed up your sales cycle by providing your sales department with the information they need to close deals quickly. Identify your best leads, track campaign results, follow up faster, and combine your marketing and sales efforts to transform prospects into lifetime customers.

Engage Alerts

Connect with prospects at the perfect time, every time. Real-time alerts – delivered via your phone, tablet, or desktop – show you precisely when to reach out.

Engage Reports

Monitor the success of your marketing campaigns with interactive, graphical Salesforce dashboards. Identify opportunities to close deals faster, so you can motivate prospects to take action.

Calculate Marketing ROI

Trace closed deals back to their original campaigns to identify the programs that are generating the greatest results.

Audience Builder

Salesforce Audience Builder automates the process of segmenting clients and prospects. It immediately reacts to their behaviors – based on your settings – in order to organize audiences in real-time.

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence uses Salesforce data to predict future client behaviors, allowing you to market to them more effectively.

Nurture Leads

Salesforce frees up valuable marketing and sales resources by automatically nurturing sales leads over time – so you don’t have to.

Improve Your Email

Salesforce helps you create email campaigns that really deliver. Craft the perfect message by building professional emails quickly using an easy visual editor. Take advantage of responsive out-of-the-box templates. Send just the right email at just the right moment with set-and-forget email scheduling.

Mobile App

Empower your sales staff to sell from anywhere, whether they’re in the office or on the road. Engage with customers instantly, add leads to nurturing campaigns, and gain insight into prospect activities – all on your mobile device.

Build Customer Relationships

Automate your lead management and free up your sales department to focus on what matters most: bringing in new business. Provide the personalized experience today’s buyers expect.

Use Salesforce Marketing Automation, and discover just how easy it is to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns to increase revenue and improve efficiency.



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