Miami Startup Resources for Entrepreneurs

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We have prepared this little page together for all the entrepreneurs of South Florida (Miami-Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach) who need orientation or just an easy place to locate different resources.

If you are rather a visual person and would like to access most of these links and a few others, this is a mindmap by @pbcallahan who has done a great job mapping the local resources in one simple graphic.

South Florida Entrepreneurship Scene

Looking for Office Space or “Co-Working” Environments

Regus has been out there for a while and they offer virtual offices and office space “on demand” all over the world.

WeWork is like Regus but they have a different angle, they try to attract startups to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem in their properties.

Similarly, The Lab Miami also offers this entrepreneurial ecosystem at a smaller scale.

Remember you can also find low-cost short-term office space in a lot of different areas of South Florida. They are called executive offices and come in all different sizes.

Startup Funding

When speaking financials or discussing funding, it’s always a good idea to understand the hierarchy of investment for startups.

We have listed the different options out there. Usually, startups need some seed capital which can be obtained in different ways; your money, partners, angel investors…

This is a list of some resources and options:

• Your own money and loans (Fundera is an option for already established businesses)
• Government loans
• Angel investors
• Crowdfunding and
• Accelerators and Incubators
• Venture Capital (they are usually groups that have specific criteria like tech, healthcare, cyber security, etc).
• Series A, B, C

Accelerators or Incubators

The most renowned accelerators or incubators in Miami are Venture Hive and Endeavor Miami

For early startups, accelerators and incubators are ways to grow their businesses. There are some differences them, you should research that out. Startup founders looking to start off on the right foot often turn to a startup accelerator or startup incubator for help (where you can obtain guidance on how to do things right and avoid common mistakes).

Social Gatherings and Events

Meetup is a great site to find people with similar hobbies and passions, including creating a company.

One of the most popular and large events is Emerge Miami On the last Emerge (May 2015), popular Miami icon and singer Pitbull was one of the guest speakers.

Other important events for South Florida’s entrepreneurs are Startup Weekend and Refresh Miami

One of the emerging communities that organize and participates in different events is Startup Grind Miami, you also have

Social Entrepreneurs Watch This Video

Last but not least and probably the most important item on our list is a video for a call to all entrepreneurs out there trying to make a positive difference in the world. Watch this video by Jake Kloberdanz.


Gean Biffulco

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