Integration: Complete integrations with your current system

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To operate efficiently, many of today’s companies must utilize a wide variety of applications. Salesforce Jedis can help, by integrating many external web services and applications into Salesforce – including email platforms, weather reports, and internal databases. We can also connect Salesforce to external third-party systems such as Amazon S3.

Our cloud integration platform allows non-technical users to easily integrate Salesforce with legacy systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft with point-and-click simplicity. Complete Salesforce integration provides a 360-degree view of your customer at any time – and on any device. We can drastically reduce your integration time to unlock and modernize your back-office systems. Here are a few of the most common Salesforce integrations:


Use data from an external source in real-time with any application you create on App Cloud. Don’t spend months integrating legacy systems, when you can easily connect and access data – incorporating it into any application.

Heroku Connect

Easily sync data between your Heroku customer apps and your employee apps. Loyalty, marketing, and buying experience apps are among the numerous use cases where Heroku Connect provides the customer experience you want – with all of the data going back to your employee-facing applications.

Developer Add-Ons

Heroku add-ons are a third party, specialized cloud services that are easily attached to a Heroku application to extend its functionality and accelerate the development cycle.

Business Logic Integration

Salesforce provides a rich library of programmatic and declarative integration tools, allowing you to implement business logic that spans multiple application systems.

User Interface Integration

Provide a unified and integrated user experience to employees, customers, and partners – even if users are utilizing multiple web applications built in different languages. Salesforce Canvas technology allows any external web application to be surfaced inside the desktop interface or mobile app to provide end users with a seamless user experience.


Get pre-integrated apps on the Salesforce AppExchange. From free apps to get you started all the way to full-blown enterprise-grade apps, there are solutions for every department and industry. With millions of installations and customer reviews, you’re sure to find an app that meets your business needs.

Public APIs

APIs permit you to connect to multiple platforms such as SAP and Oracle, and connect to data from anything – including other applications, devices, and products. Additional APIs for UI templates, customer data, system metadata, and more allow you to deliver connected apps.
Contact Salesforce Jedis today to get an integrated platform, and say goodbye to duplicate data entries.



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