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Salesforce Done Right

While Salesforce can dramatically improve workplace productivity and client satisfaction, implementing it properly can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive for an inexperienced organization. We started Salesforce Jedis to deliver timely, cost-effective Salesforce consulting services to your business, so you can focus on what you do best. Whether you need something as basic as capturing leads from your website directly into Salesforce, or as complicated as replacing your entire legacy database, Salesforce Jedis are here to help!

We provide numerous Salesforce CRM solutions, including:

  • Initial Salesforce CRM rollout, configuration, and data migration

  • Custom development to meet your business needs

  • Installation and configuration of third-party apps

  • Configuring lead tracking

  • Creating web-to-lead forms

  • Website integration

  • API integration with other systems

  • Customer and partner communities

Salesforce is designed to grow with your business, and you can rely on the platform to accommodate your future needs as your industry changes. While every Salesforce implementation is unique, many elements of the process necessary to complete it are well-defined. Typical steps of the implementation process include:

Strategy: We will work with you to evaluate your current systems and practices, recommend any changes we feel are necessary and develop procedures to implement this strategy. We’ll clearly define each CRM process prior to developing a solution – such as lead flow, client acquisition planning, or campaign set up.

Setup: We will set up, configure, and customize Salesforce to support your business needs. We can create custom reports and dashboards to give you greater insight into your business.

Data Migration: We offer data migration services including extraction, cleansing, de-duplication, validation, and importation into Salesforce. We ensure that your data has been successfully merged, is consistent, and that nothing is duplicated or missing.

Integration: We’ll help you integrate Salesforce with other systems you use – including marketing automation software, financial software, and ERP applications.

Support: Ongoing maintenance is critical to the success of any Salesforce implementation, and we offer affordable, reliable support to your business. The level of assistance you’re likely to need will vary depending on the number of users you have, and whether or not you have any in-house Salesforce expertise.

At Salesforce Jedis, we’re passionate about creating solutions that generate results for our clients. Our consultants work with you to customize Salesforce for your business, migrate your data, and train your users. When you’re ready to streamline your workflows and take your business into the cloud, Salesforce Jedis is here to serve you!



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