6 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Before Breakfast

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A successful entrepreneur is made of habits that differentiates him from the rest. He recognizes the value of consistency both in the way he does business and in the way he lives.

This is a vital rule: Whenever you take care of yourself, you are taking care of your business.

Here are 6 things successful entrepreneurs do before breakfast, and why these little things put them ahead of their competitors.


  • They don’t check their feeds first thing in the morning

You wake up and you can barely open your eyes, yet you immediately reach out for your phone first thing in the morning wondering about any new posts, emails, social media feeds, or fresh news.

Sounds familiar?

This seemingly harmless habit has a tremendous impact on the way you work. In the digital age, we have grown fond of novelty and notifications. Novelty activates the dopaminergic pathways in our brains, giving us a boost of motivation. Thing is, over time, you would start craving for novelty in a regular fashion until you can’t get your brain to work without your proper dose of notifications.

Maybe it’s a time for a digital detox.


  • They meditate

Meditation is trendy as ever, and you can tell it is more than just a trend. This ageless practice has plenty of benefits such as:

  • Better focus
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • An overall sense of well-being

Even if you’re not into meditation, successful entrepreneurs can benefit from a simple quiet moment, away from the worries and hastiness of everyday life. This little habit will help you put everything in perspective.


  • They prioritize

Do you really need to answer that text first thing in the morning? Know your schedule and set boundaries for yourself. Make some time for yourself. Want to see a friend? Invite them over and explore new alternatives for an old problem.

Yes, business equals busy, but some things can wait.


  • Successful entrepreneurs enable their senses

Want to put your mind at work? Squeeze your potential? Enable your senses with neuro exercises. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand. Use an aromatic candle while you’re taking a shower. Take a different route to work. Eat something different for breakfast.

Our brain circuits are hard-wired and these little habits can help you become more flexible and creative.  


  • They take a gratitude moment

There’s a link between gratitude and positive emotions, and a link between positive emotions and meaningful learning. Successful entrepreneurs consider themselves lucky.

A little gratitude moment before breakfast can make the difference. Being grateful is a powerful habit.


  • They break the mold

Successful entrepreneurs know themselves better than anyone else. They know how their strengths, weaknesses, and potentialities. That’s why they spend time reflecting on their habits and how they affect their business.

While following other’s advice can be quite helpful, successful entrepreneurs dare to break the mold by cultivating their own habits, in their own way.


Have a healthy breakfast!

With so many new habits just before breakfast, you must be hungry! Having a proper breakfast and not just a toast will help you stay motivated and energized throughout the day.

Building habits, like growing your business, takes time. So don’t get frustrated so easily. Be consistent and the results will follow.

And while you’re having breakfast take a few minutes to browse through our blog, you’ll find more tips on how to make the most out of your time, and increase your productivity.



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