5 Mistakes You’re Making Trying to Grow Your Mailing List

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You’ve heard about it a million times now: Building a robust mailing list can boost your online presence, increase your revenue, and fortify your relationship with your customers.

The reason is simple, it increases engagement, which ultimately leads to more click rates and therefore, more sales.

Beginners tip: If you’re thinking of starting an email marketing campaign, there are several free services like Constant Contact, Drip or Mail Chimp.

If you want to increase your conversion rates, and start seeing results today, avoid these 5 mistakes brands make when building their mailing lists.


  • Adding people without their consent

Sending an email is the most personal interaction you could perform as a brand in the digital age. Sending an email to a customer without their permission is basically a transgression. And that hurts your business.

That being said, don’t worry about quantity and go for quality. You don’t need a bunch of strangers filling up your mailing list. Care about those who actually care about your business, and you’ll rapidly see how you start to convert interactions into sales.

This mistake also applies to buy mailing lists. Who would imagine getting real interactions from a bought audience? That’s right. Nobody.


  • Fear of being too intrusive (Pop-up Phobia)

Do you remember the last time you got really excited about that pop-up that jumped in while reading something you actually cared about? Me neither.

And that’s because nobody really likes pop-ups. They’re utterly annoying. And still, every single successful business page uses pop-ups. Why? Because they convert into subscribers.

Pop-ups aren’t that terrible when they come from something we like. It might sound obvious, but the pop-up strategy works to assure those who really like your content/product have an easy way to subscribe. This means they wanted to subscribe in the first place, and you’re just making it easier for them.

You just have to make sure the pop-up doesn’t interrupt your customer experience while they’re browsing your page. Exit-intent pop-ups are a great alternative to being a little less intrusive.


  • Asking for unnecessary information

You don’t really need to ask for your customers’ address, not even their last name. Privacy is the most valuable thing you can give to your customers. The moment you start asking too many questions, you lose your client’s credibility.

They don’t want to feel exposed, and if you honor that, you’ll most likely earn their subscription.


  • Giving no reason (benefits) to subscribe

A business is a transaction-based relationship with your customers. You can’t expect to collect your customers’ email addresses without giving them something in return.

And we’re not talking about just sending them a monthly newsletter. No. They want free content, and exclusiveness. You don’t have to give them a blockbuster, or a bestseller, just make sure to give them something that goes hand in hand with your business.


  • Being too generic

Saying something like: “Hit the subscribe button,” “Join our newsletter,” and any generic CTA won’t get you the conversions you need. The copy should be aligned with your brand’s voice. That means you don’t have to act like you’re funny or have a witty pun to ensure your customers subscribe. You just have to sound like you.

Then, you can make your customer the protagonist. Talk straight to them, and put them in a situation where they can easily see how your product or service can change their life.


Telling your story

Building an email list is hard work, and it takes time. But one thing is sure, it does pay off.

Avoid these mistakes and you’ll increase your conversion rates, and get more responses, in no time.

Need extra help? Contact us for if you need professional help building your mailing list.



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