5 Key web marketing trends of 2017

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This 5 step blueprint will show you what steps will take your web marketing to the next level.

Web marketing has often been described as running a marathon versus a sprint race. It takes time, pacing, and endurance. It also helps to keep your head up so you can think about and plan for the terrain ahead.

Web marketing is an ever-changing landscape. Platforms come and go while others change and evolve. Features are added, changed, and removed. New search algorithms are created, tested, and improved. People act, interact, research, and buy in different but often predictable ways.

Looking at behavioral and analytical data on current trends combined with our experience allows us to predict key trends taking shape in digital marketing and e-commerce. If you want to be in front of web marketing trends for 2017, we suggest you keep your eye on 5 key areas:

  1. Mobile
  2. Social
  3. Native
  4. Content
  5. VR/AR

What is interesting is that you will see a very clear overlap with some of these trends, which suggests an overall direction that web marketing is moving. Customer expectations are high and the options they have to continue to increase. The best way to earn long-term customers is by cultivating an outstanding customer experience from their first interaction by becoming a fan of your brand. The way to achieve that is with unique, high-quality, immersive content.


Key web marketing trends of  2017



Mobile advertising, Mobile marketing, Mobile optimization, Mobile app development

The mobile marketing SEO techniques will continue to grow in importance in 2017 as Google continues with their ‘mobile first’ initiative. This is demonstrated by their recent announcements about the mobile index and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). We have seen large increases in AMP smartphone traffic since September 2016 when Google rolled AMPs out beyond Google News. Google has also essentially phased-out all websites not optimized for mobile.

Marketers must consider that there are a large number of users online today, particularly millennials, who interact with the web completely on mobile devices. Not only must all websites be optimized for mobile but businesses of all types and sizes should consider developing a mobile app to improve and streamline customer’s mobile experience.

Even with the growing popularity of mobile devices and the rise of mobile search optimization, statistics still show that most consumers prefer to be on a secure desktop or laptop when they are ready to pull the trigger on a purchase. So, the best mobile marketing strategy for 2017 is to take a multi-platform or multichannel approach.



Social media marketing, Social CRM, Social customer care

The social media marketing has flourished in recent years but many companies struggle to see concrete ROI from social media efforts. Expect that to turn a corner in 2017 as social networks increase e-commerce capabilities and refine their advertising offerings.

Trends in social media marketing are often driven by the efforts of the social networks to monetize their communities. Major social media platforms have recently made changes which require businesses to pay in order to achieve the reach necessary to have an impact.

Current data implies continued growth in overall social media usage but with the reduced popularity of some social networks. For example, Facebook and Twitter are plateauing in many western markets while Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr continue to grow. 2017 will see social media platforms continue to evolve as conversion channels.



Native advertising, Sponsored content, In-feed ads

The native advertising is a form of paid advertising where the ad follows the natural form and function of the organic content on the platform in which it is placed. For example, sponsored content on Facebook that looks just like normal posts by people you know in your newsfeed or ads on Twitter that look and act exactly like Tweets.

The largest social networks have begun to have success monetizing with native, sponsored ads and the publishing industry quickly followed suit. Content providers of all kinds including news outlets, blogs, and social media platforms continue to introduce new advertising that is difficult to differentiate from the organic content in their editorial feeds.



Unique content, Dense content, Visual content

Endless streams of content from every brand and individual we interact with have forced most people to filter out the majority of marketing messages they see. In response, marketers are learning that unique, dense content is vital to reaching modern consumers. You’ve literally got seconds to make a connection, so you have to make every second count.

Also, websites and social media will become more visual this year as people continue to read less but the view more. Expect to see more visual navigation, bright colors, high-quality images, and infographics across marketing platforms in 2017. When it does come to written content, there will be increased demand for writers who possess experience and expertise in their subject matter.



Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Live stream, 360 videos, Interactive content

Expect both augmented reality and virtual reality to be amongst the biggest new marketing trends of 2017. AR inserts computer-generated enhancements into physical reality. VR is a computer-generated environment made increasingly realistic and portable with the use of goggles and headphones. Expect to see VR and AR explode in use for both content in general and marketing specifically. Imagine what native advertising would look like with this type of content!

Users are craving more immersive experiences, giving them the feeling that they’re doing more than just soaking up information or data. AR and VR are clearly the future in this respect. And there are other affordable ways of enhancing customer experience. 360 videos live webinars and workshops, and live streaming all can deliver a richer more immersive content experience.




Harry Garcia

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