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Pro-Bono Mission

We volunteer our time and resources towards causes or projects that resonate with our mission and values.

Every quarter we choose an organization that needs our web design services and we help for free. If you are a new non-profit or socially responsible start up in need of our services please get in touch with us.

Recent Not for Profit Projects


    Visit if you would like to get involved.


    Visit if you would like to get involved.


    One of the joys of working with non-profit organizations is being aside individuals who are cause driven and passionate. Katelyn Cucinotta, one of the founders of, is one of the most passion driven individuals we have ever met. On top of it her cause is one we at Idea180 all believe in. To make it even better it is in our local area so it hits close to home. We are looking forward to an ongoing relationship with this special organization.

    Visit if you would like to get involved.


    When we met Calvetta Phair, founder of the “Get On It Now” Foundation we knew instantly that we wanted to be involved with her in some fashion. In this particular case while we were all intrigued and excited about the the cause Calvetta was working for it was also just as much about the energy, experience and determination that she brought to the table. How hard she works was inspiring to say the least. We have been working with Calvetta and the “Get On It Now” foundation for a year now and could not be happier with the work we have all done together.

    Visit if you would like to get involved.


    Kids like for so many others have a special place in our heart. We have always believed educating children is essential and not just math, science…but lessons that need to be learned to preserve this beautiful planet. That is why when the NRRA asked to team up with us for a project teaching kids about recycling and helping kids to promote recycling by showing them that they have a voice too in their local areas we jumped at the opportunity. Working with the NRRA has been as rewarding an experience as any and we look forward to more projects with them.

    Visit if you would like to get involved.

  • Cambiando vidas con el arte

    Somos una asociación cultural sin fines de lucro, estamos seguros que a través del arte podemos generar cambios en la sociedad. Creemos en la capacidad y la fuerza. Estamos comprometidos con las emociones y su resultado. Nosotros somos Malambito, al igual que ellos. Juntos viajamos hacia un futuro en el cual la violencia no es una opción. Intercambiamos futuros inciertos por pasiones vivas.

    Visite si le gustaría participar.

  • Saving Grace

    Visite si le gustaría participar.